Monthly Luncheon with guest speaker Jim E. Kamis

05/09/2019 @ 11:30 am – 1:00 pm

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Date(s) - 05/09/2019
11:30 am - 1:00 pm

Wynkoop Brewery

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Please join us May 9, 2019

with guest speaker Jim E. Kamis

The Plate Climatology Theory

located at Wynkoop Brewery in Downtown Denver, located at 1634 18th Street

Talk starts promptly at noon.

The Plate Climatology Theory states that tectonic activity, either locally or globally, equates to more faulting and volcanic activity, which leads to more heat and chemically charged heated fluid release from active geological features into oceans, sub-glacial polar areas, and atmosphere.  This altered heat and fluid input has in past, and still to this day acts to significantly effect, or in some cases completely control earth’s climate and climate related events.

About the speaker:

James Edward Kamis is a Geologist and AAPG member of 41 years and who has always been fascinated by the connection between Geology and Climate. Years of research and observation have convinced him that the Earth’s Heat Flow Engine, which drives the outer crustal plates, is also an important driver of the Earth’s climate.

He received a BS in Geology from Northern Illinois University in 1973 and an MS in Geology from Idaho State University in 1976.  He is proud to have worked for mining and oil companies that practiced responsible harvesting of materials necessary to sustain human life; Becker Industries, ARCO, Cross Timbers, Texaco, Fina, Union 76, and BTA Oil Producers LLC. He is currently retired.

James has developed the Plate Climatology Theory entirely on his own non-working hour time and with no funding from BTA Oil Producers LLC or any other entity.

He is also proud to state that he is an actively practicing Christian who believes science and spirituality are completely compatible. However, he developed the Plate Climatology Theory entirely based on scientific observations, geological intuition and inclusion of many published scientific research articles, many geological in nature.

The Plate Climatology Theory is built on the premise that there is a strong connection between geology and climate. The theory is intended to promote interaction between many branches of science primarily; geology, climatology, meteorology, biology, and oceanography. As such, it is not intended to debunk the Global Warming Theory, rather it is intended to offer a alternative theory that explains observed natural phenomenon.

The basic tenants of the Plate Climatology are sound; however it is a working theory which like all theories will likely need modification. This is invited, because that is how science should operate, formulate a good theory and then put it to many tests.

The development and intent of this theory is in no way politically motivated. It is not an attempt to demean any particular political group, university, government agency or group of scientists. James does in fact believe that climate scientists have been “atmospherically” biased in their interpretation of many observed climate trends and climate related. He believes that the vast majority of these scientists are highly skilled and dedicated individuals. James does not subscribe to utilizing his Plate Climatology Theory as a political or personal weapon to demean others. They have the right to disagree with this theory.


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