REMINDER: October 12th, 2023 DGS Luncheon Presentation – Nick Fleegal, ESG Solutions

10/12/2023 @ 11:30 am – 1:00 pm


Date(s) - 10/12/2023
11:30 am - 1:00 pm

Wynkoop Brewing Company


REMINDER: October 12th, 2023 DGS Luncheon

Optimizing Induced Seismicity Monitoring & Processing with Detailed Velocity Models & Hybrid Monitoring Arrays

Nick Fleegal


The effectiveness of a microseismic monitoring array can be enhanced by optimizing several array inputs, regardless of the activities in the area, with applications commonly including completions, disposal, CCUS, and mining. Detailed velocity models based on local geological information can boost the accuracy of microseismic event locations and magnitude estimations, while local hybrid monitoring arrays, combining surface & downhole equipment, aid in event detection and location accuracy. Oversimplified or erroneous velocity models are often used, potentially leading to misattributed responsibility if seismicity is located incorrectly or assigned overestimated magnitudes. Inaccurate seismic locations and magnitudes can have unnecessary effects on nearby operators if they are forced to pause or shutdown their operations. Incorporating a dense local monitoring array with surface and downhole equipment improves event detection rates, magnitude of completeness, and confidence in event locations. Surface instruments provide comprehensive epicentral coverage and magnitude estimations of larger events, while downhole equipment enhances depth resolution and detectability, particularly when placed near the target zone.

Nick will present case studies that demonstrate (1) how global velocity models (often used by regulatory bodies) effect microseismic event characterization compared to detailed velocity models constructed with data from local operators at a completions and SWD site, and (2) the improvements in location accuracy and detectability seen with hybrid monitoring arrays that consist of surface and downhole equipment in CCUS and completions projects.


Nick Fleegal is a Geophysical Specialist at ESG Solutions. He is primarily involved in the optimization, analysis, and interpretation of surface and downhole microseismic monitoring arrays. He has project experience monitoring oil and gas completions and associated disposal, CCUS, mining, and geothermal operations. Nick previously worked at Spectraseis Inc. and has a degree in Geophysical Engineering from Colorado School of Mines.


Doors open at 11:30 am.  Meeting and presentation starts at 12 pm.






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