DGS Membership Request

DGS Membership Request


Just a few quick items we’d like to send out to our membership.

First, we are soliciting content for The Record.  As you know, we are striving to increase content and relevant material in the document.  As a result, we are requesting submissions for the following sections:

  • Technical Articles
  • Student Corner Submissions
  • Personnel and Personal Updates
  • Prospects – no fee to list in the prospects section
  • Advertising


Largely, The Record exists to provide information to you, our members.  Without your support and submissions we won’t have a lot to publish; we implore you to consider submitting your work, updates, etc. so we can maintain our content stream and provide a worthwhile publication.

Second, we would like to start the process for soliciting nominations for two items:

  1. 2023 Executive Committee. Open positions will be:
    • Vice President/President Elect
    • Secretary
    • Treasurer
    • Editor
  2. DGS Honorary Membership nominees


Please send your suggestions and nominations to [email protected]


DGS Executive Committee