Nominations to DGS Executive Committee


Nominations to DGS ExCom

Nominations are open for election to the 2022 DGS Executive Committee. Consider running for one of the positions listed below. The Nominations Committee has been recruiting to fill the election slate but you can send your nominations to [email protected] by 12:00pm MDT August 31st. After this date and until September 15, nominations will be required to be accompanied with signatures of 20 active DGS members and consent of the nominee.

Vice President-President Elect

If you find the DGS to be a vibrant part of the Denver Geophysical community then run for office to be part of the team running of the DGS.

If you find the DGS to be irrelevant to your career then run for office to be part of the team to make the DGS relevant.

If you don’t have time to serve then recruit a collogue to run for office.

The DGS Executive Committee (ExCom) plans monthly meetings, interfaces with the 3D Seismic Symposium, Golf and DGS Annual Meeting Committees, publishes the DGS Record, and arranges educational opportunities for DGS members. The past 2-years have been rebuilding years. The DGS is now in very good financial condition with low overhead and no employees. This is the time to become part of the ExCom if you want to help position the DGS for the future.

The ExCom is made up of the positions listed above plus the President (the previous Vice President) and the two most recent Past Presidents. Therefore, three of the 7 ExCom members bring society memory to the ExCom and make the learning curve shallower for the new ExCom members.

Denver Geophysical Society Executive Committee